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The Troublemaker Bug - Coloured Character Ref by PeriBerryTea The Troublemaker Bug - Coloured Character Ref :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 3 0 The Rogue Program Glitch - Coloured Character Ref by PeriBerryTea The Rogue Program Glitch - Coloured Character Ref :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 3 0 Cute Goopy Void Man by PeriBerryTea Cute Goopy Void Man :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 5 2 The Digital Girl Domino - A coloured character ref by PeriBerryTea The Digital Girl Domino - A coloured character ref :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 4 0 Peri Doodles by PeriBerryTea Peri Doodles :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 2 0 Toasted Marshmallow by PeriBerryTea Toasted Marshmallow :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 4 3 Bonbon - A Monster Persona! by PeriBerryTea Bonbon - A Monster Persona! :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 1 0 Bang by PeriBerryTea
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Bang :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 2 0
In Time, She Found Her New Design
A while ago I wrote a poem about invisible lines
And a stuttering discovery I couldn't fully grasp
I felt like they made up a question mark design
Though I couldn't find it, wouldn't know where it would go
But that warmth I wrote about, hiding in the gaps
Started filling corners of my heart I hadn't yet known
And it flared up suddenly when I joked and you laughed
I guess these things just happen in their due time
Because, you know, I finally found that question mark one day
It had become an exclamation mark at the end of your name
Funny the things two years ago that you'd never expect now to know
The smiles that we used to share; The future, we share them in other ways there
I had to look twice but suddenly it all made sense: magic happens in a series of events
:iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 0 0
Reasons why Peri and Jara shouldn't collaborate by PeriBerryTea Reasons why Peri and Jara shouldn't collaborate :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 1 0 Virtually Forgotten by PeriBerryTea Virtually Forgotten :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 1 0 A Supervillain Persona - Ardorica by PeriBerryTea A Supervillain Persona - Ardorica :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 8 3 A (Not as Quick as Intended) Intro to Domino by PeriBerryTea A (Not as Quick as Intended) Intro to Domino :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 0 0 Lavender Candle by PeriBerryTea Lavender Candle :iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 1 0
Flowers are such fickle things
So briefly displaying the colours they bring
In the time it takes these words to sing
They’ve already begun withering
Oh world of hues all fading grey
My father and lover gone away
What reason is there left to stay
I’ve lost everything, everything this day
Contemplating waters run
Reflecting tree and lightless sun
When did I decide my life was done?
Of all the decisions, this is my only one
Garlands of dead stems and leaves
Images of weeping willow trees
In a world where I cannot trust even me
Where can I find peace and honesty?
The brook mirrors my darkened face
As does the tree that sways above its grace
And the weeds I’ve woven together like lace
I take another step, I watch the water race
Madness, madness, falling down
Soon I will be dipped in brown
My lips will make such serene sounds
La-dee-da, the girl has drowned
Betrayal is a fickle thing
Death and loss and tears it brings
One more step, lips will cease to sing
My life has alway
:iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 1 5
The New Design
“This stupid pen,” she muttered
Gazing with displeasure at the broken line it left
A silky black cutting in and out against the white paper
She ran her finger along it
As if trying to smooth it out
And, momentarily pausing, pensive
Began tracing invisible edges
Where would those broken lines go
If they weren’t meant to continue on straight?
The curve of a cheek
Dip of a collarbone
Soft arches of lips
Delicate angles from neck to shoulder
Mapping out where the peaches and roses would go
Brush, blush
A heart to flutter
A head to nod off
A hand to rest upon hers
“This stupid pen,” she muttered
Gazing with displeasure at the emptiness of the page
She groaned at the chill in the room
Something lost she hadn’t yet found
Hidden between invisible lines
Stuttering ink smudged some warmth into the cold gaps
And her fingertip a paintbrush painted black with ink
Wandered off in a different direction
Breaking free from the lines, drawing her own path
In search of
:iconperiberrytea:PeriBerryTea 0 0


Big Jelly Filled Cookie Bullet F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl Big Jelly Filled Cookie Bullet F2U :iconnerdy-pixel-girl:Nerdy-pixel-girl 39 20 Mint Chip Icecream F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl Mint Chip Icecream F2U :iconnerdy-pixel-girl:Nerdy-pixel-girl 88 8 Solar System by King-Lulu-Deer Solar System :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 462 147 Space Milk by King-Lulu-Deer Space Milk :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 654 105 Nintendo DS by King-Lulu-Deer Nintendo DS :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 458 58 Msn Window by kicked-in-teeth Msn Window :iconkicked-in-teeth:kicked-in-teeth 157 18 Spill by CrookedAntlers Spill :iconcrookedantlers:CrookedAntlers 1,447 57 Cresent Mood Divider NF2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl Cresent Mood Divider NF2U :iconnerdy-pixel-girl:Nerdy-pixel-girl 206 20 [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles :iconghost-echo:Ghost-Echo 623 26 Quartz Crystal Pixel 8 by Nerdy-pixel-girl Quartz Crystal Pixel 8 :iconnerdy-pixel-girl:Nerdy-pixel-girl 283 144 City Divider [Caption] by King-Lulu-Deer City Divider [Caption] :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 194 37 Gamecube Controller by King-Lulu-Deer Gamecube Controller :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 272 18 Starry Eyed by King-Lulu-Deer Starry Eyed :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 605 85 how i draw pixel by piijenius how i draw pixel :iconpiijenius:piijenius 281 39 cake divider (free to use) by piijenius cake divider (free to use) :iconpiijenius:piijenius 565 88 Candy divider - Free by r0se-designs Candy divider - Free :iconr0se-designs:r0se-designs 1,798 130


PeriBerryTea's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I'm a professional marshmallow, and I really like Pokemon and tea.

I'll put something serious here at a later date.
  • Listening to: Twee-Box Puppet Show - Sasakure.UK
  • Reading: the questions I am about to answer
  • Watching: Still need to finish s3 of Hannibal??
  • Playing: Undertale! (again)
  • Eating: *stomach grumbling noises*
  • Drinking: my own anxious tears
1) Real Name: Erica
2) Nicknames: Peri!
3) Zodiac Sign: Leo (or Cancer, based on the updated signs? I like being a Leo though)
4) Male or Female: Female? Female.
5) Nursery: You mean... kindergarten? Is that what that is? The school I was in kindergarten in was called St. Monica's.
6) Primary School: Holy shoot, I went to 3 different elementary schools, all in different cities.
7) Secondary School: My high school (which I loved) went through 3 name changes while I was there because Pope John Paul II became a saint.
8) Hair Color: I think I'd call this chestnut brown.
9) Long or Short: Right now my hair is super long, the longest I've ever had it. It goes like 2/3 of the way down my back.
10) Loud or Quiet: SUPER loud with friends, SUPER quiet most of the rest of the time.
11) Sweats or Jeans: Uhhhhh, jeans usually? But sweats at home?
12) Phone or Camera: Camera, talking to people is scary. ^^;
13) Health Freak?: I try desperately to eat healthier but I consistently fail. Junk food is the love of my life.
14) Drink or Smoke: Nope~
15) Do you have a crush on someone: I have a crush on almost every Undertale character, whoops.
16) Political orientation: something probably
17) Piercings: I used to have my ears pierced, but then I got chicken pox and the holes closed.
18) Tattoos: Someday I might. Something pretty and meaningful.

19) Airplane: A few times, to Thunder Bay.
20) Car Accident: Nope.
21) Fist Fight: Probably with my brother.

22) First Piercing: When I was... uh... 8?
23) First Best Friend: A girl named Sabrina... I think I knew her in Senior Kindergarten, but definitely in Grade 1. She was my superhero sidekick.
24) First Instrument Played: The recorder, a requirement in Grade 4.
25) First Award: Uh... I don't know if I remember. The first important award I got (I think) was when I won first place in a City-level French Public Speaking Competition.
26) First Crush: I'm like 90% sure my first crush was a guy named Peter in kindergarten. He hated me. He was also kinda a jerk.
27) First Language: I can only speak English, friends. My French abilities have gone right down the drain. I can understand some Portuguese.
28) First Big Vacation: I've never really... gone anywhere special, I don't think. Not for a vacation. I've been going to Thunder Bay all my life and that's about it. Unless you count the time I went to Niagara Falls two years ago and just sorta stayed in the hotel and stared at the falls and some fireworks and ate panzerotti.
29) Last Person You Talked To: My best friend, Jara
30) Last person you texted: Uhh... also Jara
31) Last Food You Ate: Shoot, did I eat breakfast...? Uh... oh, I ate some crackers.
32) Last Movie You Watched: Um. The Princess Bride...? Did I watch something since then...? Uhhhh...
34) Last Song You Listened To: Lonely UFO - Pinocchio-P (I listen to this song when I draw Corrupted Domino)
35) Last Thing You Bought: Coloured Paper
36) Last Person You Hugged: I think... my mom? Or my friend Nicky. 

37) Food: UH. Pizza? Sushi? Oh god, and consider all the desserts I love. I don't know if I can choose a favourite food.
38) Drinks: Masala Chaiiiii <3 ...Mmmm... and Orange Pekoe tea, and Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate and English Toffee Coffee. OH, and banana and mango smoothies. I can't choose favourite drinks either, whoops.
39) Clothing: !! Lacy stuff. Buttons and buckles and bows. Cute lolita-style stuff. Skirts and tank tops and scarves.
40) Book: I haven't read my old favourite books in YEARS, and it's been pretty long since I last read a novel. Uh. Maybe the Divergent series? I still need to read Allegiant :faint:
41) Color: lavender, light green, pastel pinks and peaches, pastel everything, really.
42) Flower: Roses, carnations, lavender, lilacs
43) Music: Like. Vocaloid.
44) Movie: The Princess Bride <3
45) Holiday: Christmas, probably. Halloween is a close second.
46) Subjects: Art, Science, History (only when taught by very cool teachers), Theory of Knowledge (hello yes I was in IB)

47) [  ] Kissed in the rain.
48) [X] Celebrated Halloween.
49) [Um] Had your heart broken.
50) [  ] Went over the minutes on your cellphone.
51) [X] Someone questioned your sexual orientation. (it was meeeee)
52) [ ] Used a weapon.
53) [  ] Breathed fire.
54) [  ] Had an abortion.
55) [X] Done something you regretted. 
56) [X] Broke a promise.
57) [X] Kept a secret.
58) [X] Pretended to be happy.
59) [X] Met someone who changed your life.
60) [ ] Pretended to be sick.
61) [ ] Left the country.
62) [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it. 
63) [X] Cried over the silliest thing. 
64) [  ] Ran a mile. 
65) [X] Went to the beach.

67) Eating: *cries*
68) Drinking: *cries harder*
69) Getting Ready To: Present my mini portfolio hhhhhhhh
70) Listening To: My very sweet teacher take attendance
71) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Ummmm. Draw some stuff for homework. Draw some stuff because I want to. Attempt to be less miserable, heck yeah!
72) Waiting For: My name to be called (oh it was, just now)

73) Want Kids: M.. maybe?
74) Want To Get Married: I don't really know anymore
75) Careers In Mind: Uh. I just wanna design characters and write stories, someone hire me. Maybe own an art cafe/bakery sometime far in the future.
76) Lips Or Eyes: Eyes
77) Shorter Or Taller: Taller...? Yeah.
78) Romantic Or Spontaneous: Uh...?
79) Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: *loud shrugging* Those are both good things for hugging. Give me hugs.
80) Sensitive Or Loud: S-sensitive... is cool...? Loud people can be more fun sometimes though?
81) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship.
82) Troublemaker or Hesitant: Nope, I want no trouble thanks, hesitant is probably better for me. I'm not here to get arrested.

83) Lost Glasses/Contacts: I don't have either
84) Ran Away From Home: Almost a few times when I was a kid
85) Held A weapon For Self Defense: Probably... not? Maybe against my brother?
86) Killed Someone: I hope not.
87) Broken Someone's Heart: Yeah...
88) Been Arrested: Nope

90) Yourself: every now and then
91) Miracles: I think so?
92) Love At First Sight: Nah
93) Heaven: Yeah
94) Santa Claus: ALWAYS
95) Magic: Do you believe in magic~ Yes, I totally do.
96) The Paranormal: Yup.

97) Is there one person you want to be with, right now?: Is this meant romantically? Cause if we're just talking platonically, I wish I was eating food with my friends.
98) Are you seriously happy with where you are in life?: Um. Not yet. But maybe I will be soon.
99) Are you happier with the person you're with?: Yeah... yeah, my boyfriend is really sweet to me.
100) Post as 100 truths and tag five people: Uh. I don't really have anyone to tag on here, I don't think. Feel free to do this if you want to, I guess.


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